Seydel 1847 Classic Low


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SEYDEL’s Next-Generation Low-Harmonicas: the lowest sounding blues harmonica in the world – with new Baritone design & stainless steel reeds.

The 1847 CLASSIC is now available in super-low tunings, redesigned to include a 20% thicker comb and raised coverplates. Available keys range from LF# (low F sharp) down to LLE (double-low E). This innovation expands the 1847 line of stainless steel reed harmonicas to include the extreme bass range.

The double-low models (LL) are tuned two octaves lower than standard, making Seydel’s 1847 LLE the lowest tuned diatonic harmonica worldwide.
In comparison to the ‘standard tuned’ models, low-tuned harmonicas offer a very sonoric, slightly softer and unobtrusive sound making them an excellent choice for accompaniment (chords or bass lines) as well as for soloing. Their sound is similar to that of a tenor saxophone, a trombone, or even a tuba, especially if played amplified.
This extends the range of application and opens many new possibilities for harmonica players.


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Weight 180 g

Low A, Low Ab, Low Bb, Low C, Low D, Low Db, Low E, Low Eb, Low F, Low F#, Low G, Low Low F


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