Suzuki Melodions

The Suzuki Melodion: No other musical instrument combines so many diverse playing techniques, such as keyboard fingering, breath control, as well as solo and ensemble performance in a truly portable instrument. Suzuki have produced two distinct ranges soprano, alto, as well as specialist models, the bass melodion with a lower range of notes and the Andes which imitates the sound of pan pipes.

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Suzuki Melodion MX-27 in case

The Suzuki Melodion MX-27 is lightweight and finished in an...

Suzuki Melodian MX32C in case

The Suzuki Alto Melodion MX32C is an ideal instrument for...

Suzuki Melodion M-32C

The Suzuki M-32C is a standard 32...

Suzuki Soprano Melodion S-32

The high quality construction of the Suzuki Soprano Melodion makes...

Suzuki Melodion M-37C

The Suzuki M-37C Melodion looks stunning with its black metal body...

Suzuki Melodion Pro 37 V2

The Suzuki Melodion Pro 37v2 is professional quality, finished...

Suzuki Melodion Bass 24

The Suzuki Bass 24 Melodion is ideal for accompanying other...

Suzuki Andes Melodion

Have you been enchanted by the hypnotic tones of the Peruvian pan...

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