Hohner Melodicas

Hohner Melodica: Is related to the harmonica inasmuch that it uses flat reeds, however, the difference is it is played by blowing air in the mouthpiece and the sound is produced by depressing the piano like keys on the top. Hohner invented the melodica, which had buttons, as opposed to piano keys, in the 1950's, and have been improving it ever since. The melodica combines several diverse playing techniques, such as keyboard fingering, breath control, as well as solo/ensemble performance in a portable instrument. The Melodica is fun to play and easy to learn!

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Hohner Fire Melodica

The Fire Melodica by Hohner looks superb with red and black keys...

Hohner Ocean Melodica

The Ocean Melodica by Hohner has blue and black keys on a deep...

Hohner AirBoard Melodica

Hohner have given their melodica a makeover and introduced the...

Hohner Piano 32 Jubilee Melodica

SPECIAL PRICE, now £129.99 the coolest melodica...

Hohner Alto and Soprano Mouthpiece

Replacement mouthpiece for the Hohner Alto and Soprano melodica....

Hohner Piano Melodica mouthpiece

This round mouthpiece connects directly onto the melodica.

Hohner Trumpet Mouthpiece

Replacement mouthpiece for the Hohner Piano 36 melodica.

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