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Tremolo Harmonicas - Folk musicians often use blues harmonicas to great effect, but for the playing of traditional Scottish and Irish music, the tremolo harmonica is the choice of many players. While similar in appearance to the regular blues harp, each hole has two blow and two draw reeds. Each pair of reeds is tuned to a particular note in the diatonic scale; however, one is tuned slightly sharp of its fellow. This creates the tremolo effect, and a tone that is particularly suited to jigs, reels, polkas and other traditional dance tunes.
Octave-tuned harmonicas are laid out in a similar fashion to the tremolo models, but the pairs of reeds are tuned an octave apart, resulting in a full and strong tone.
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Golden Butterfly Tremolo harmonica

Special Offer - buy both keys C and A for only £11.00....

Dales Song Tremolo harmonica with case

The new Dales Song is the latest addition to our...

Echo Tremolo harmonica

This great value Echo Tremolo harmonica is available in the key G...

Hohner Ocean Star Tremolo Harmonica

The Ocean Star is solo tuned tremolo harmonica, often known as...

Hohner Big Valley

The Hohner Big Valley is a well made tremolo tuned harmonica with...

Hohner Celeste Tremolo Harmonica

Special price £25.95 - available in keys Bb and Eb only. The...

Hohner Tremolo 21 Deluxe

The Hohner 21 Tremolo DeLuxe harmonica has two reeds for each note...

Hohner Echo Tremolo 32

The Hohner Echo Tremolo harmonica has a maple wood comb and...

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