Orchestral Harmonica Range

Orchestral and Ensemble harmonicas add a new dimension to playing, and a harmonica orchestra can be created with a bass, tenor and treble player, etc, demonstrating just how versatile the harmonica can be.

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Tombo Pocket Chord

The Tombo Pocket Chord will give group and ensemble players that...

Tombo Pocket Bass

The Pocket Bass by Tombo has opened up a new playing dimension to...

Suzuki Soprano Single SS-37

The Soprano Single is part of Suzuki's Ensemble series, which is...

Suzuki Alto Single AS-37

The Alto Single is one octave lower than the soprano model, it...

Suzuki Chord Harmonica SCH-24 and SCH-48

The Chord harmonica is an essential part of ensemble performance...

Suzuki Slide Chord Harmonica

The Suzuki Slide Chord 56 (SSCH-56) will open new doors for the...

Suzuki Double Bass SDB-39

The two Double Bass models from Suzuki are the SDB-29 and the SDB-...

Suzuki Chord Bass BCH-48 Ensemble harmonica

The BCH Chord Bass is Suzuki's latest and exciting addition to...

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