Octave Harmonica Range

Octave harmonicas have two reeds per hole, played simultaneously, one is tuned high, one low, the same note an octave apart, -hence the name- on each of the blow and draw notes. A rich full sound is produced, akin to a melodian. Great for folk, Gospel, jigs and reels.

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Hohner Unsere Lieblinge 40

These traditional Hohner Unsere Lieblinge octave harmonicas have...

Hohner Echo Octave 28 Harmonica

These octave-tuned harmonicas are distinguished from the Echo...

Seydel Club Octave

The Seydel Club Octave harmonica is ideal for beginners.


Seydel Concerto Solo 40

Seydel have produced this unique range of octave harmonicas. These...

Suzuki 24H Octave

The Suzuki 24H Octave has a rich bottom range of notes and a...

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