Hohner ACE 48

Hohner ACE 48
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Product Description

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The new Hohner ACE 48 Chromatic Harmonica, designed and made in Germany. Hohner have redefined the standard for chromatic harmonicas in the 21st century. Developed to satisfy the highest musical requirements, with revolutionary features including Acoustic Coupling Elements (ACE) and the New VarioSpring.
Acoustic Coupling Elements enable uniquely variable sound design, while the new VarioSpring System permits exact adjustment of slide spring pressure to suit personal preferences.

The main features are:

Removable Acoustic Coupling Elements modify acoustic impedance to create your own tonal colour and adjust weight distribution according to personal preference.
New revolutionary VarioSpring - System to easily adjust spring pressure to suit your individual playing style.
New ergonomic cover and mouthpiece design.
Mouthpiece closed at the side to ensure silent, airtight slide action.
Robust nylon zipper case.

Acoustic Coupling Elements - brass, 6pcs.
Key -  C
Number of holes -  12
Reed plates -  1,2 mm brass
Reeds -  48 brass
Comb -  ABS, black
Cover surface -  stainless steel
Mouthpiece surface -  brass, silver plated
Slide construction -  cross alignment
Length -  16.2cm

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