Harmonica Gift Shop

Here you will find a range of gifts suitable for all the family, including non harmonica players.

Blues Buddy Harmonica

Exclusive to Harmonicas Direct, the Blues Buddy is ideal for the...

Blues Buddy keychain harmonica

The 'Baby' Blues Buddy keyring 4 hole harmonica is only 3.5cm (1.5...

Hohner Happy Harp - Red

These colourful and tansparent harmonicas are ideal for children,...

Tombo Mini Harmonica with Chain

This mini 4 hole Tombo harmonica is on a neck chain and measures...

Hohner Pocket Pal

This basic 10 hole diatonic harmonica has a plastic comb and...

Hohner Little Lady Harmonica Keyring

This 4 hole Little Lady harmonica on a keyring makes a great gift...

Hohner Little Lady in globe

On 16 December 1965 the HOHNER Little Lady became the first...

Suzuki Metal Major & Minor harmonica

This mini 5 hole Suzuki harmonica is available in minor or major...

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