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The harmonica can be used to play most tunes. Here you’ll find a great selection of tune books from popular hits, classic blues harmonica, recital pieces and tunes by great harmonica players like Bob Dylan, Little Walter and John Lennon. Some books are suitable for all harmonicas, diatonic, chromatic and tremolo, other tune books are for the specific harmonica types.

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Favorite Harmonica Songs By Phil Duncan

This book contains over 25 songs suitable for harmonica players....

Harmonica Classics book  MB94045

This Harmonica Classics book by Phil Duncan is written for...

Little Walter Play Along Vol 13

The Harmonica Play-Along Series will help you play your favorite...

The Beatles Greatest Hits for Harmonica book

This book contains 22 classics by The Beatles arranged especially...

Harmonica Songbook by Bill Bay

This book contains a collection of over 120 songs arranged for the...

Blues Classics for harmonica Vol 10

Blues Classic vol 10.  Eight of your favorite harmonica blues...

Chicago Blues Vol 9

Chicago Blues vol 9 contains eight of your favorite harmonica...

Harmonica Tunes Made Easy

The songs in this book are presented in harmonica tablature with...

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