The Chromatic harmonica is a very versatile instrument and is adaptable to many forms of music, i.e. Folk, Gospel, Rock, Pop and Classical styles. The chromatic harmonica has a button on the side which allows you to play the major scale, and when the button is pressed you can play all the notes in between. The chromatic books are suitable for the beginner, intermediate and advanced player.

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Favorite Harmonica Songs By Phil Duncan

This book contains over 25 songs suitable for harmonica players....

Basic Chromatic Harmonica by Phil Duncan

This great value book and new online audio by Phil Duncan,...

Jazz Harp by Richard Hunter

This book and CD is designed for harmonica players who want play...

Chromatic Harmonica Solos

Once you have worked your way through the Complete Chromatic...

Chromatic Harmonica Method

Mel Bay's Complete Chromatic Harmonica Method by Phil Duncan is a...

Blues Harp for Diatonic & Chromatic Harmonica

This book gives you the basic skills needed to play blues or...

Companion to Playing the Harmonica book 2

This vintage 24 page book contains sheet music for chromatic...

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