Tool Kits & Spare Parts

Whether you want to revive your harmonica with new plates or fine tune it to optimise playing performance, these spares.
and tool kits for the diatonic and chromatic harmonica, will be indespensible.
We are always adding to this spare parts section, so if there is something you require that is not on the site please email or telephone us to see if we have it in stock. Telephone number 01524 489589.

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Gewa Chromatic Tuner

A chromatic tuner for harmonica-players is a digital tuner,...

Lee Oskar Tool kit

Whether simply replacing reed plates or actually tuning and...

Seydel Toolset

The Seydel Toolset is one of the best tool kits available, and is...

Hohner Harmonica Sevice Set

Special price now £56.99 a saving of £18 on the RRP. 


Hohner Harmonica Instant Workshop

Hohner Harmonica Instant Workshop Toolkit. This toolkit contains...

Suzuki Reed Replacement Tool Set

Suzuki HRT-10 Harmonica Reed Replacement Tool Kit is the perfect...

Seydel Setup Pack

Seydel Sound Check Vol 3 Setup Pack, contains all you need to...


Special price now £5.95 last few remaining

The HarmoniGlo...

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