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An essential part of your kit if you are playing with a band. Below is a great selection and variety of harmonica microphones from the mighty Shure Green Bullett to the mini Suzuki MS100.
The Harp Train 10 amp is especially designed for using with harmonicas.

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Harp Train 40 x 10 speaker cab

This speaker cabinet has 4 x 10" Lone Wolf Blues Co speakers, the...

Harp Train 40 amp and 4 x 10 Speaker Cab

The Harp Train 40 is a 40 watt head that is designed for the...

Harp Train 10 harp amplifier

THE HARP TRAIN 10 is truly a unique harmonica amp; it provides a...

Harp Train 10 speaker

The Harp Train Speaker was created for the Lone Wolf Blues Company...

Audix FireBall V Microphone

The Audix FireBall V microphone is ideally suited for both live...

Audix FireBall Harmonica Microphone

The FireBall is a professional dynamic microphone designed...

Shaker Crystal & Dynamic mics

SHAKER DYNAMIC MIC. This Shaker mic has an 11 detent volume...


The Shaker Retro Rocket is easy to hold, fits right in the cup of...

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