Harmonica Reed Plates

We have an extensive selection of reed plates for both diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. So you can bring new life to that old or blown out harmonica and save money by not having to buy a new one. See the Suzuki Pro Master reed plates for a video link on reed gapping and tuning.

Please take care when ordering the plates to ensure you order the correct ones for your harmonica.

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Hohner Modular System Reedplates

Big River, Blues Harp and Pro Harp replacement reedplates These...

Golden Melody, Special 20 and Marine Band Reedplates

Update your harmonica with a new set of reed plates.


Hohner Rocket Reed Plates

Replacement reed plates for the Hohner Rocket now available.

Hohner Marine Band Deluxe/Crossover Reed Plates

Replacement reed plates are now available for your Hohner Marine...

Lee Oskar replacement reedplates

Replacement reed plates for Lee Oskar harmonicas, Major Diatonic,...

Seydel Session Reed Plates

These Seydel Session reedplates are made of brass.  Replace...

Seydel Big Six Reed Plates

Now available in keys A, Bb, D, G, F and C, as well as folk tuning...

Seydel Paddy Richter Plates

Seydel Blues Session Paddy Richter tuned brass reed plates. ...

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