Harmonica Effects Pedals

Serious pedals for serious players!
Check out these great effects pedals from the Lone Wolf Blues Company and add a new dimension to your harp sound. Lone Wolf effects pedals are designed specifically for the harmonica player. They feature the absolute best in tone production with absolutely no loss or negative effect to your tone. Another great product from the U.S.A.
The Harp Train 10 amp by the Lone Wolf Blues Company is available in the Microphones and Amps section.

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Lone Wolf Mojo Pad

The all new Mojo Pad greatly reduces feedback with any amplifier...

Lone Wolf Terminator pedal

The Lone Wolf Terminator is the answer for those who want to get...

Flat Cat Pedal by Lone Wolf Blues Company

The Jason Ricci Flat Cat is a distortion-free...

Lone Wolf Harp Reverb

The Harp Reverb produces a very high quality spring reverb effect...

Lone Wolf Frontman

The Harp Frontman is an active DI Box with an effects loop, it is...

The Boogieman pedal by Lone Wolf Blues Company

The Boogieman multi effects pedal features three of Lone Wolf's...

Harp Shield Pedal by Lone Wolf Blues Company

Block Feedback! The Harp...

Lone Wolf Octave

 The Harp Octave is a great tool for the...

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