Harmonica Cases & Pouches

In this section you will find a great selection of harmonica cases, pouches and storage boxes, from various manufactuers. Cases for Tremolo harmonicas are now available.

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Hohner zip pouch for chromatic harmonica

This case is designed to fit many 12 hole chromatics like the...

Diatonic 6 Case

Store and carry your harmonicas safely in this black diatonic...

Tremolo Hard Case 12

Tremolo cases now available. These padded hard case are designed...

Hohner Harp Belt

The Hohner Harp Belt holds 6 blues harmonicas in elasticated...

Lee Oskar Soft Case

The Lee Oskar Soft Case holds 7 harmonicas inside a well-padded...

Seydel leather harmonica wallett

This leather wallet is included with many of Seydel's diatonic...

Seydel Diatonic Belt Bag - closed

This diatonic belt bag by Seydel holds one 10 hole blues harmonica...

Seydel Gig Bag with harmonicas

This compact Seydel belt bag holds 6 blues harmonicas, it attaches...

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